Sand Mod for Minecraft PE

Sand Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Sand Mod for Minecraft PE: add many unique materials to the game world, and use them to save your character from aggressive mobs!

What does Sand Mod add to MCPE?

In the game world there are deserts where there is a lot of sand. Players can break blocks, use them for their own purposes, and even dig to find artifacts. This mod will give the material unusual properties, and also add some unusual blocks to Minecraft PE.

Users need to go to the experimental settings at the stage of creating their world and select the necessary tabs.


Quicksand will appear in the game after installing the mod. It has unique properties that slow down mobs and can become a real trap. In addition to sand blocks, developers have created new unusual resources of other types.

The use of new materials may be different. For example, users can put blocks in front of their house so that unexpected visitors fall into this trap and cannot enter the territory. Minecraft PE players can surprise their friends by inviting them to their world, where unusual blocks are placed.

It is also possible to build from new blocks, new players should not forget that these are not the most durable materials for such purposes.

How to get blocks?

To get unique quicksand blocks, the Minecraft PE player needs to choose the creative mode. In this case, everything they need is easy to take in the game inventory. The mod developers have added several variants of sand blocks and some other resources. All of them have a beautiful texture and differ from each other in color.

Additional items

The sand mod also adds numerous new items. For example, Minecraft PE users can try on new helmet options, as well as get unusual weapons for fighting aggressive mobs. There are various options in the inventory so that users can select their defense against enemies.