Security Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Security Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Security Craft Mod for Minecraft PE: protect your character from enemies by adding new items and blocks to the building!

What does Security Craft Mod add to MCPE?

One of the most important tasks of a Minecraft PE player is to build a home for himself and ensure his safety. The developers of the Security Craft mod decided to give users access to new blocks and items. They will be able to protect Steve from aggressive mobs and make sure that only the owner of the house can enter it.

There are unique code keys, new doors, and different blocks.

New items

The main tool for protecting the house will be the universal block enforcer. With its help, Minecraft PE players can make materials more durable. The question arises of how to break the improved blocks. In this case, you should use another new item – universal block remover.

The developer of the Security Craft mod has also added a keypad and keycard. They help to make sure that only the owner of the house can enter. There are also special readers for keys. There are only five types of them, and a certain item will suit each.

Doors and chests

To protect against aggressive mobs, Minecraft PE players can upgrade doors using a security craft mod. There are several types of new doors: padlock, reinforced, and scanner doors.

Also, there will be reliable chests for storing things. Only their owner can interact with these objects.


If a Minecraft PE player’s house is attacked by zombies or other mobs, he can use a turret. The security craft mod adds this powerful weapon that attacks everyone except pets and villagers.

Naturally, the turret does not shoot at the player either.

Additional protection is provided by landmines. Players can place them around the perimeter to be sure that no enemy will pass by.

With the new items, Steve’s house will be the most reliable shelter.