Shark Mod for Minecraft PE

Shark Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Shark Mod for Minecraft PE: add hungry predators to the oceans and seas, meet many dangerous mobs, try to survive, and get loot!

What does Shark Mod add to MCPE?

For those who are afraid of meeting a shark in real life, the developers have created this mod. Mobs are copies of real predators and are very dangerous. After battles with new creatures, Minecraft PE users can get valuable items.

The game will also feature additional marine animals, some of which are quite harmless.


The mod will settle sharks in the oceans and seas, which will add danger to Minecraft PE. The developer offers two variants of predators, both players can spawn eggs from the inventory. One animal will be larger, and the second smaller.

Jaws and Megalodon

The developer decided not to create a new mob, but replaced guardians with sharks. Diving into the water will become even more dangerous for Minecraft PE players, because predators will be waiting for them there. Since mobs have a large body size, mod users can notice them from afar. But during the attack, the player risks significant damage. There will also be some harmless animals, for example, cute seals.

Fortunately, being marine animals, once on land, the creatures die quickly.

Shark Biology

This mod is interesting for a variety of sharks. The developer has added eleven variants to the game world. Many of them are very dangerous.

Minecraft PE players can meet a white shark, as well as a whale, tiger, blue, and others. The behavior of mobs always remains unpredictable, but they are neutral to the players.

It is possible to spawn animals using eggs in creative mode. But while diving into the water, the mod users can also see the natural spawn of mobs. The developer recommends using the experimental mode.

After killing new animals, the player receives valuable loot.