Ship Map for Minecraft PE

Ship Map for Minecraft PE

Download Ship Map for Minecraft PE:travel across a vast territory in the middle of the ocean, exploring all locations!

What does Ship Map add to MCPE?

Lovers of water travel will appreciate these locations. The developers decided to build giant objects inspired by the Titanic and similar buildings. The ship map is a huge territory that resembles a whole city. Here Minecraft PE players will feel like real travelers.

By the way, users can invite their friends on board by playing in multiplayer.

Ocean Dream

Those who love luxury holidays will appreciate this location. Here Minecraft PE players will be able to feel like real rich people, because rest is expensive. This chic liner looks realistic. The developers have tried to make this ship map as similar as possible to a real object.

There are many rooms here: cabins, restaurants. It all looks like the best cruise liners in the world. There is even a swimming pool and water slides on site.

Minecraft PE players will need a lot of time to explore all this.


This ship map is an old object from the 1900s. The developer spent about a month to recreate it in the world of Minecraft PE and now this cool location is available to anyone. This is a very realistic building with rooms for hundreds of passengers.

Here, players will feel as if they are on a cruise with their friends.

Kingdom of Norway

The developer spent several months creating this masterpiece. The ship map of the Kingdom of Norway will amaze even the most experienced Minecraft PE users. All the details are thought out here, and the interior looks chic. There are dining saloons, reception rooms, verandah, and other realistic locations.

Walking around the ship, players will see many floors, and each of them is made in detail. The developer added signs that indicate the names of rooms.