Shop Mod for Minecraft PE

Shop Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Shop Mod for Minecraft PE: become a customer in a market, use coins to buy many items, and much more!

What does Shop Mod add to MCPE?

It is known, that there is no trade in the Minecraft PE game world. Usually, users search for a village for this and exchange goods with villagers. Shop mod allows players to add some items to create a supermarket, and compare the finished market with goods.

Besides, there are coins that players can easily earn or get with a command. To spawn a market the developer also added simple commands.

Practical Supermarket

The creator of this mod decided to allow Minecraft PE players to build their stores and sell goods there. The addon will add shelves for groceries, as well as some food.

It is possible to create furniture using stonecutter, and the food will be in the inventory.

Players should use the experimental mode with the shop mod.


This mod will allow Minecraft PE users to create a shop in a matter of seconds. The developer has provided simple commands for getting items. By entering /function market, the player will find himself in a market with many interesting things.

For the convenience of purchases, coins will appear in the game, the number of which users can watch on the screen.

How to buy items?

The mod will add NPCs that are located near the shop. To make a purchase, a Minecraft PE player must click on the seller and select the product he needs.

Among the sellers, MCPE players will see lumberjack, miner, filler, butcher, and others. They have on sale a variety of goods necessary for survival.

How to earn coins?

The developer offers only one way to earn coins for Minecraft PE players. To do this, the shop mod users need to play for an hour. So they can earn 50-150 coins.

There is a command for users who don’t have much time: /scoreboard players add (player name) money (amount).