Silver Mod for Minecraft PE

Silver Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Silver Mod for Minecraft PE: get unique ores, craft swords, and use coins in the game!

What does Silver Mod add to MCPE?

There are already different ores in Minecraft PE: iron, coal, diamonds, and other resources. Silver mod developers have added new variants.

Players can craft armor and weapons from these materials using additional items. There are also mobs that can generate resources.

More Ore

This mod will give players access to 10 new materials. Among them are silver, tin, copper, aluminum, and many others. Each new material can be an ingot, nugget, or block, except steel or tin. Players can only create them at the crafting table in Minecraft PE.

Users can create swords from new ore. And for those who lack additional effects in the game, the developer offers apples from these resources.

For example, the silver apple gives speed and night vision.

Quartz Grindstone

This item allows players to multiply ingots: two powders are obtained from one ingot, after which the player will receive a separate ingot from each powder in Minecraft PE. Silver mod users can get this item from the village blacksmith.


This mod will help to introduce coins of various values and create a full-fledged economy in Minecraft PE.

There are 5 types of coins in the game.

Silver one is one of the most expensive. Besides, it is possible to add up a handful of coins from 9 pieces using crafting table.

MCPE players can even sell goods and services on their servers using this modification. The addon is useful in role-playing games with friends.


The Metal mod will make the interaction of players with metal realistic. It will be possible to melt ores and mix them to get the ore in Minecraft PE.

Golems will also appear in the game, each of which represents one of the ores and can generate it.

The advantage of this silver mod will be the ability to create new armor from ore.