Skibidi Toilet Map for Minecraft PE

Skibidi Toilet Map for Minecraft PE

Download Skibidi Toilet Map for Minecraft PE: visit the unique structure in the form of a huge statue, and explore the location inside!

What does Skibidi Toilet Map add to MCPE?

Those who like the theme of the Skibidi Toilet and funny videos from the Internet will be interested in this location. The map is a giant statue in the form of the main character, and an exciting adventure awaits Minecraft PE players inside.

With friends, it will be even more interesting for users to participate in the adventure.


The unusual Skibidi Toilet statue has large dimensions and many details that fully convey the fun
the theme of the famous series. Below, Minecraft PE players can see the door that leads inside the building. Water flows through the entire structure.

The unusual statue inside has several floors, and the map developer used different blocks everywhere. At the top is a giant head with windows instead of eyes. The statue also has a mouth, hair, and ears.


A Minecraft PE player who finds himself inside Skibidi Toilet is provided with a certain set of resources, in particular different blocks. They can be useful inside the building when the character gets out. In creative mode, it is possible to complete the structure to the desired size and add details.

It is possible to see stone, sand, water, glass, and many other materials on this map.


The main task of the Minecraft PE player is to get to the top of the tower using any blocks and mechanisms. To do this, the developer has created an elevator on which it is possible to go up and down. The main thing is not to drown in the water that constantly flows in the Skibidi Toilet. It will be an exciting adventure for fans of funny heroes.

The map is in adventure mode by default, but users are free to choose the settings that suit them.