Skyrim Mod for Minecraft PE

Skyrim Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Skyrim Mod for Minecraft PE: visit a dangerous world with dragons, magic structures, and strong armor from the popular game!

What does Skyrim Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE world will look like the famous Skyrim game with this mod. The addon provides players with everything related to the theme: dragons, screams, and various items.


Minecraft PE players can get into the new locations similar to a regular dungeon, but the mod will add treasures from Skyrim there.
The Shout wall also appears in the game world. There you can see loot, but you can get it only after the battle with the dragon.

MCPE players can make a portal to the Sovngarde. They should put a cobblestone in the End portal and throw the mask into it.


The main creature of Skyrim mod will be a dragon. These creatures in Minecraft PE will have three phases. In the fire breath flight phase, the mob has 600 health.

By the way, after the death of a flying creature drops bones, which can become material for new armor.

A dragon priest named Krosis from Skyrim will also appear in Minecraft PE. The character has 1000 health. He attacks with balls of fire and summons meteors. After death, the priest drops a sword, ten scream cores, and a dragon bone chest plate.

A dragon named Aslduin is waiting for Steve in the Sovngarde. It is a powerful boss with 2000 health. He attacks with fire breath, bites, and summons meteors.

Effects and Items

There are shouts from Skyrim that appeared in In Minecraft PE, which give different effects to the character. All of them provide an effective fight against enemies.

The authors of the mod also created dragon bows, which can be created as ordinary ones, but using dragon bones and a daedric heart. There are also swords made of similar materials.
And the new armor will protect Steve from dragon attacks.

Helmet from Skyrim

This mod brings some items from Skyrim to Minecraft PE. Players can get an Iron helmet from this famous game. To create the item user should have three iron ingots and two pieces of leather.

By the way, players can repair helmets.