Spider Mod for Minecraft PE

Spider Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Spider Mod for Minecraft PE: add more variants of dangerous insects to the game world!

What does Spider Mod add to MCPE?

There are some spiders on the territory of the game world, so Minecraft PE players can meet these insects often. The developers decided to add more dangerous mobs. The creatures have features, unique abilities, and more options thanks to the mod.

Creatures differ from each other in appearance, size, and the degree of danger to the characters.

Tiny Insects

This addon will replace ordinary Minecraft PE spiders with smaller insects. Cute creatures will crawl around the game space, and even seem friendly to the mod users. But once they gather in a pack, they will become a real danger. These creatures can attack all together, in which case the attack will be powerful.

Besides, due to their small size, these mobs can move at high speed.

The developer suggests fighting the invasion of the insects with an ordinary bucket of water: they can simply pour a group of insects.

Spider Queen

Minecraft PE users who are afraid of spiders will get a special impression from the Queen Boss mod.

After activating the addon, when creating a regular mob, there will be a ten percent chance of their queen appearing. Mob attacks any creatures during the day and at night.

The size of the queen exceeds the size of the average mob by 10 times, and the health is 60 hearts. In addition, the mob can throw eggs that turn into new insects.

If players defeat the queen, spider eyes and threads will fall out of the mob.

More Spiders

Players who want to add variety to the world of Minecraft PE insects can use this mod. After installing and activating the addon, 12 new types will appear in the game. The creatures will inhabit various biomes, and the player will receive a reward for defeating them.

By the way, mobs have unusual abilities. For example, Ender Spider can use teleportation.