Star Insects Mod for Minecraft PE

Star Insects Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Star Insects Mod for Minecraft PE: settle new creatures in the nature of the game world, get protection from them, and much more!

What does Star Insects Mod add to MCPE?

For those who want to add different animals in Minecraft PE, this Star insects mod was created. The new creatures will help players survive, store their items and protect the characters from the attacks of aggressive mobs. The developers have added 22 variants of realistic creatures that are taken from real life.


The mod developers have added star insects with cool animations, realistic movements and lots of details. All mobs look like creatures from real life. Each animal has unique abilities that help players survive. Minecraft PE players can get not only protection from the mobs, but also use their meat as a new food.

Tamable Creatures

The Star insects mod will introduce players to new species of animals. Some of them are amenable to taming, and some are not. Users can tame wasps with meat and honeydew. This creature can attack monsters. Minecraft PE players can meet the mobs on plains.

When players kills a wasp it can give him stings. With it users can craft the wasp sword. It brings 10 damage and helps Steve fly when the character is on the wasp.

Beetles spawn in savanna and can be tamed with insect meat. They also can serve as inventory. The mod users can name them, and new pets will attack enemies. It is possible to make mines and caves with the help of these mobs because of their ability to break any block.

Meat can also be food for ladybugs.

Ants can be tamed with honeydew. The mobs spawn in forests and savanna. Minecraft PE players can find ores following these creatures. After killing one of them the Star insects mod users can craft ant helmets and get night vision. Orchid mantis spawns in mushroom island and can attack enemies after taming it with meat.

Butterflies also like honeydew. Players can craft new wings of their favorite color according to the color of the killed butterfly.

Other insects

Green fly eats leaves and grass. It cannot be tamed, but Minecraft PE players can change the leaves for honey dew with the help of this creature. Mosquitoes and dragonflies are also not tamable. The most dangerous creatures of the star insects mod are scorpions that spawn in desert and in the Nether. There are some items to craft after killing a scorpion: helmets, pants, boots, and even swords.