Star Wars Mod for Minecraft PE

Star Wars Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Star Wars Mod for Minecraft PE: create the famous universe inside your game world, meet favorite creatures, and more!

What does Star Wars Mod add to MCPE?

Players can feel like a space warrior, pick up a lightsaber and fight evil right in Minecraft PE. To do this, a mod for Star Wars was created. There are many items, mobs, and other details from the most popular universe.

Items and Mobs

The mod offers a large selection of lightsabers and other items from Star Wars. Minecraft PE players can create things on a new crafting table.

By the way, each lightsaber from this modification has a unique handle.

Users will also be able to use different blasters and other space weapons in battle. Several recognizable characters will also spawn in MCPE. It is possible to fight with friends using this addon.

Star Wars Legends

This large-scale mod offers Star Wars fans new biomes, a meeting with space inhabitants, and a lot of new armor and weapons. In Minecraft PE, users can wander through a large forest biome with giant plants, a savanna with dangerous mobs, frosty biomes and creepy deserts.

Players will come across many aggressive mobs that are terrible-looking and dangerous.

MCPE players will be able to choose the armor of almost any warrior from the Star Wars universe. It is also worth noting the appearance of a new ore, which will be needed for crafting armor. There are some new resources, for example, cyber ore.

Zombies and Star Wars

An unusual mod will introduce Minecraft PE users to representatives of the light and dark sides of Star Wars. Anakin Skywalker, Master Yoda, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo and other legendary heroes will appear in the world.

Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Stormtroopers will appear among the representatives of darkness.

To get yourself a lightsaber in MCPE, players need to defeat a Sith or a Jedi.