Steve Mod for Minecraft PE

Steve Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Steve Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn many new variants of the main game character, add unique items, and much more!

What does Steve Mod add to MCPE?

The main character of the Minecraft PE game named Steve is familiar to every user. Everyone is used to the fact that the hero wears the same blue pants and a green T-shirt and always looks the same. Those who want to change the character and add uniqueness to it will like this mod.

The addon requires the inclusion of experimental settings at the stage of creating the world.

More Steve

The developers decided to create 12 new versions of Steve Minecraft PE players can spawn the main character of the game as a separate mob. To do this, they need to go to the inventory and select the desired spawn egg while in creative mode. It is possible to make a character fat, small, and also create three mobs in one. There are also very unexpected options, for example, a mechanical or survived hero. Users can populate the world with characters so that they are not lonely to play.

By the way, players have the opportunity to create some additional items in the game. For example, a car for a character. In it, users can travel around the game world.

Faceless Steve

Fans of the horror genre will love this mod. It’s an opportunity to make Steve a little more intimidating. The bottom line is that the main character will not have a face. While in creative mode, Minecraft PE users can spawn it using an egg from the inventory.


The mob will appear in the world immediately after installing the addon in the game. It will be literally everywhere and most often at night. However, there will be no mob in the End dimension and the Nether. In multiplayer, the monster from the mod will follow a random Minecraft PE player.

By the way, the new Steve also knows how to chat and will frequently leave strange messages.