Structure in One Click Mod for Minecraft PE

Structure in One Click Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Structure in One Click Mod for Minecraft PE: create big and small houses, giant mansions, and other buildings for your game world!

Features of the One Click Structures Mod for MCPE

Players usually spend much time and materials to build a house in Minecraft PE. This mod will help create structures in one click. There are many buildings that users can get, so it is possible to create a whole village or town.

There are simple commands to get the objects with less efforts.

Instant House

This mod helps players get structures in 1 click. The Minecraft PE world guests can use simple commands to have ready-made houses.
There are many variants of the buildings: the developers offer small and cozy houses, large cottages with pools and balconies, and giant mansions with beautiful gardens.

The /function Help command is to get information about structures. Using /function Allbuids players can have an entire city in MCPE at once.

Instant structures

There is no need to spend many hours creating a house for surviving. The developer of this mod offers to build a structure in one click. All resources that can help Minecraft PE players survive are already inside.

Getting buildings is possible using the /function command.

Quick Builds

Minecraft PE players can get structures in 1 click with the Quick Builds mod. There are huts, castles, taverns, and other buildings that appear in the game world.

If the user chooses the survival mode, this modification will also suit him. The author created the possibility of easy crafting structures. If the user is in the creative mode, the buildings can be obtained ready-made: they are already in the inventory.

Minecraft PE users can easily build their city or village with the help of the proposed buildings in one click. They also can decorate the houses as they want.