Tinker Mod for Minecraft PE

Tinker Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Tinkers Construct Mod for Minecraft PE: use new blocks, tools and more items, make additional weapons from unusual materials, and repair things!

What does Tinker Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players have a lot of blocks and items to create structures, and the authors of modifications are constantly adding this list.

The Tinkers construct mod will allow users to get new tools, weapons, and items for repair. By the way, there is a guidebook that helps users.


Some Minecraft PE players are familiar with the Tinkers construct mod in the Java edition. The developer managed to copy it into the Pocket Edition, and now all crafters can use it.

Crafters can get new tools, create structures, repair items, and make unusual things in the game. For example, a drying rack will help players cook food.

Creating items

Minecraft PE players can make different workstations using the mod. There is a blank pattern, which helps with it. You can use the Tinkers construct guide, which contains everything users need to start.

There is a new crafting table in tinker style. To make different patterns, players should use a Stencil table. There is also part builder to make details of tools. After that, you can combine parts in the tool station.

By the way, Minecraft PE players can also combine parts using a tool table.

To get advanced weapons, you will need a tool forge.


The Tinkers construct mod allows Minecraft PE players to repair things. It is a good option because tools lose durability after use. Besides, if an item is improved, it loses all improvements after repair.

Tinkers construct materials

The developer of the addon has introduced additional materials to Minecraft PE. For example, there is cobalt generated in the Nether.

The Tinkers construct mod will also introduce ardite and manyullin, which is key feature in weapons damage.

This material can be made in the Smeltery Controller by combining cobalt and ardite.