Toy Mod for Minecraft PE

Toy Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Toy Mod for Minecraft PE: get cute plushies to play with friends, decorate the game world with new items, and use them as hats!

What does Toy Mod add to MCPE?

Anything is possible in the virtual world of Minecraft PE. Players can add not only mobs and items but even toys. Such objects can serve as a decoration of houses and entertainment. It is an option for multiplayer games. Some of the items can even be hats for users.

The mod works when the experiment mode is activated.

SG Plushies

Those who are tired of the skulls and heads of mobs in Minecraft PE will like this mod because it will replace them with plush toys. SG Plushies will delight players with cute copies of many mobs: pig, cat, polar bear, gast, enderman, and others. Players can decorate houses or even their own heads, as items can be worn on the head.

Potopos Plushies

Lovers of soft, plush toys will love this mod. These cute creatures will decorate houses. The addon includes a surprise box, when breaking which, the Minecraft PE player will receive one of the plush animals. This unique box will give players a random plush toy.

Each new item has its own spawn probability.

Funko Pop

For all fans of Funko Pop toys, the developers have prepared a surprise. This mod for Minecraft PE will allow players to add a lot of cute creatures to the world.

When editing the world, be sure to activate the experimental gameplay features. Players need to get a black stone and a stone to create a toy template. This item can be put in a box. To do this, put a template and sticks on the crafting table. After that, the player will be able to use the stonecutter to create the desired toy.

Players can find tiny copies of Alex, Steve, and some of the Minecraft PE mobs. There are even superheroes such as Spider-Man and Captain America.

Besides, all toys have realistic 3D models.