Transport Mod for Minecraft PE

Transport Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Transport Mod for Minecraft PE: choose a vehicle for yourself to quickly move around the world and discover new opportunities!

What does Transport Mod add to MCPE?

Players tired of riding horses and using minecarts will like this mod for Minecraft PE. There are many kinds of transport that crafters can use as they want. This saves time and makes the game more interesting.

Vanilla Vehicles

The mod gives Minecraft PE players access to eleven kinds of transport. All new vehicles have the same style and match the original graphics of the game world.

How does it work?

Players can get new transport from a mechanic in the village. The mod cars work similarly to horse riding. The player needs a key to start moving.

The fastest ground vehicle in Minecraft PE is Minecar. Players can use new items to replace horse armor to customize it. Use the key to start the car engine.

For underwater movement, players can use Minemarine. Steve needs to use the key to start the engine and start driving. An interesting addition to the collection of transport will be a Minibus. Five players can sit in it at the same time.

The first seated player becomes the driver, and others become passengers. Instead of sheep, Minecarts will appear in the game world. There is also a Mineplane and Minecopter for air travel in Minecraft PE.

By the way, mobs’ heads will get new textures from this mod and become decorative elements.

Utility Transport

It is not just a mod with transport for Minecraft PE, but an entire selection of cars to play in a virtual city. This addon contains only five types of vehicles. Nevertheless, players will find different cars adapted to the work of city services among them.

War Vehicles

This mod is suitable for those who are looking for transport for military role-playing games in Minecraft PE. The developer has created models of 16 unique armored vehicles. These are planes, helicopters, and tanks.

To get items, players need to enter the command /function allvehicles.