Tree Chopper Mod for Minecraft PE

Tree Chopper Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Tree Chopper Mod for Minecraft PE: get more items for quick extraction of wood, have new assistants, and master unique abilities!

What does Tree Chopper Mod add to MCPE?

Players often have to spend a lot of time mining resources. Cutting down trees can take hours of playing time in Minecraft PE. To simplify this process and save time, the developers offer users to download and install the Tree Chopper mod. The addon adds new ways to collect wooden blocks.

To use all the features of this option, the developer recommends enabling the experiment mode.


For most Minecraft PE players, wood mining is a boring and dreary activity that takes not only time but also energy, especially if the tree is tall. Everything becomes easier with the Tree Chopper mod. The addon adds three unique items that will help players quickly and efficiently get wood in the game world.

How does it work?

The player who activated the Tree Chopper mod is enough to cut down the lower part of the tree to get its resources completely. This option saves time and also adds realism. To activate the function, the player must first get a new item – the Lumberjack gem. This item activates an additional ability for the player, namely the ability to cut down trees quickly.

Previously, Minecraft PE users had to sneak around, but now the activation of this function is different. To activate this option, the player needs to use a long press on the item.

After activation, this item will turn red, and reactivation turns off the option.

Additional abilities

for convenience, the developer added a cutter to the game. The Minecraft PE player must throw this item to cut down the tree from a distance. The With the Tree Chopper mod user should know that the capabilities of the cutter are consumed with each application.

A wood bomb is another item that the user can throw. So he can blow up the chosen item and everything around. With a bomb, it is better to take precautions.

Wood Cutting Block is a handy tool for automatically cutting objects next to it. It is convenient to use for fast-growing and cutting of trees in MCPE.

The mod also adds a new Lumberjack mob. He works and sleeps alternately. The mob also collects firewood and transplants seedlings that have fallen from the ground.