Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft PE

Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft PE: survive in beautiful but dangerous places with many new monsters, explore mysterious territories, and find more blocks!

Features of the Twilight Forest Mod for MCPE

Users can spawn on a mysterious territory of the Twilight Forest using this mod. This unique addon is one of the most famous in the gaming community. A feature will be many new blocks, unusual items, and mobs.

There is a new territory with beautiful places and creepy creatures. The addon adds new items and blocks, as well as additional weapons.

With these additional elements, Minecraft PE is changed a lot. It will please many fans of adventure in the game. The world is becoming like a fairy tale, but players should not forget the dangers that may await them.

New mobs

This mod has many unique features. It adds new bosses to the Minecraft PE world. Twilight Forest guests will meet them and try to defeat them. But users should know these monsters will follow for victims to kill them.

The addon users will meet more than fifty dangerous inhabitants. Each mob has its features and different new attacks.

To survive, players can use weapons and armor that the mobs drop.

Unusual items have also been added to the world. For instance, an ore magnet helps MCPE players to get more blocks. Besides, some kinds of food also have been added. Twilight Forest guests can get it from dead mobs. There are also harmless inhabitants like animals and insects. For instance, there are beautiful butterflies that spawn in the game world.


New bosses spawn in the woods, but players also can meet them in some dungeons. Since the mod adds many locations, players can find many chests with valuable items.

With this mod, survival in the virtual world will be more exciting for Minecraft PE players. Users should spend many hours discovering the updated world in Twilight Forest.