UFO Mod for Minecraft PE

UFO Mod for Minecraft PE

Download UFO Mod for Minecraft PE: get a spaceship, travel around the virtual world using new transport, and have fun!

What UFO Mod can add to MCPE?

Those who are interested in extraterrestrial civilizations and UFOs should download and install this funny mod. The developers have made an aircraft that the Minecraft PE player can use to travel. It will not be difficult to create a new item, since the spawn eggs are in the inventory. This addon will make the game exciting, especially if the player calls friends to ride together on new transport.

Experiment mode allows players to use all the features of the addon. To do this, the player needs to set the necessary settings at the stage of creating the world.


This is an old mod for fans of unusual transport. UFO will appear in the world if the Minecraft PE player waits for night or uses an egg to spawn a skeleton. The developer has also created a special fuel that will be required in order to use the aircraft. The outside of the object is made of glass, so that the passenger is visible during the flight.

To get on board, the user should approach the object and press the button.


It is a new mod that allows players to add a cool UFO to Minecraft PE. The developers have worked hard on the design of the object, so it looks quite realistic. The player can become the owner of this transport by creating it with the help of a spawn egg.


UFO is a custom entity that does not replace the mobs of the game. By the way, the object has its own level of health. Inside, the mod users will see many buttons. They are part of the design and not functional.

Using will not be difficult even for a beginner. To start the journey, Minecraft PE players need to click on the jump button: the transport will begin to rise into the sky. To return to earth, the player needs to release the button.