Unicorn Mod for Minecraft PE

Unicorn Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Unicorn Mod for Minecraft PE: meet magical mobs, fly and explore the improved game world!

What does Unicorn Mod add to MCPE?

This mod will help turn the ordinary world of Minecraft PE into a fairy tale with magical characters. The developers added beautiful unicorns, pegasus, alicorns, and butterflies to the game.

Improved Horses

With this mod, the horses of the Minecraft PE game world will turn into unicorns. No more changes will happen, but it will give the game magic.

Players can create magical creatures with the help of eggs for spawning horses or meet them in the biomes of the game world.

Unicorns and Pegasus

This mod will add not only unicorns to the world but also other fabulous mobs. For example, pegasus, which can fly. And Minecraft PE players will also see alicorns that are a mixture of pegasus and unicorns.


The mod developer added creatures of several colors, and each time a mob spawns, the Minecraft PE player randomly receives a new color.

The unicorn will become a real friend for Steve, but players need to give the mob emeralds. These animals move quickly and can jump.

To ride a magical creature, the player needs to use a saddle.

Other magical creatures also will appeare in the game after the mod installing. Pegasus are unique in that they can fly. Their peculiarity is that these animals are freedom-loving, and it is impossible to control them. But users can install a saddle on the mob and fly wherever the pegasus wants.

Alicorns have a distinctive feature – the ability to jump very high. They can also be saddled and ridden around the Minecraft PE world.


The developer added colorful butterflies that will spawn all over the world after installing the mod. The world will become even more beautiful and magical with unicorns and butterflies.

In the creative mode, Minecraft PE users can spawn mobs using summoning eggs.