Walking Dead Mod for Minecraft PE

Walking Dead Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Walking Dead Mod for Minecraft PE: become a survivor after Apocalypse, get weapons and food, and try not to dye escaping from zombies!

What does Walking Dead Mod add to MCPE?

Fans of the Walking Dead horror can find themselves inside the universe, where they will meet the dead everywhere.

The developer has created several types of mobs that differ in speed and other characteristics. To defeat them, Minecraft PE players are provided with weapons and armor. The mod also contains new food to make up for hunger during zombie attacks.


There will be a real apocalypse in Minecraft PE after downloading this mod. The Walking Dead will add even more zombies to the world, and they will differ from each other in terms of danger level.

By the way, mobs will spawn only in creative mode.


Minecraft PE players can meet the walking dead with 20 health. These are the slowest of the new creatures of the mod.
Infected people and animals will also spawn around. They move at an average speed, so it’s possible to escape from them.
One of the fastest mobs will be zombie runners. They can easily catch up with their prey and inflict damage on it. The developer added creepy crawling monsters that eat each other. Players should not be afraid of them, as they move slowly.

Super zombies will become the most tenacious, as their health is 140. Mutated mobs are infected with the most dangerous kind of virus. They are hard to defeat.

Since the developer relied on The Walking Dead series when creating the mod, Minecraft PE players can also meet police officers who are armed and have a health of 25-35. The special forces have a much larger reserve of health. Such fighters can be recognized by their uniforms.

Soldiers also carry weapons and gas masks.


The Walking Dead Mod adds many types of weapons to Minecraft PE: MP5, Thompson, pistols, rifles, explosives, and others. The developer also created new food: canned food, dog food, and even medicines for a dangerous virus.

To provide their character with protection from damage, players can wear police armor, protective suit, gas mask, chemical protection suit, and other costume options.