Whale Mod for Minecraft PE

Whale Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Whale Mod for Minecraft PE: populate the oceans of the game with new unusual creatures, and have an exciting adventure!

What does Whale Mod add to MCPE?

This mod will be interesting to Minecraft PE users who like to explore the oceans and its inhabitants. Whales will appear in the reservoirs, which will remind players of creatures from real life.


The developer of the whale mod promises to immerse Minecraft PE players in the underwater world with its inhabitants, replacing some of the game’s animals with new ones.

In addition to the whale itself, unusual fish will swim in the water. For example, a butterfly fish, a lionfish, a stone fish. Less harmless will be the sharks that will replace the ancient guardians in the game. They, like piranhas, attack other mobs and players.

Crabs, although they look harmless, are actually quite aggressive, because they appeared in Minecraft PE instead of spiders.

Sea World

The mod allows Minecraft PE players to meet whales, and other exotic ocean animals. The advantage of the mod is it can be used even in survival. There are also white, hammerhead, and tiger sharks are waiting for users. All of them, by the way, are indifferent to the players and eat fish.

The beautiful blue whale is also safe for ocean visitors in Minecraft PE. Narwhals and sperm whales will also swim peacefully nearby.

But the sea snake will become a powerful opponent: this boss has a health of 250 units. Even more dangerous will be a sea titan with a health of 500 units.


One of the best mods for the whale for Minecraft PE. Black and white killer whales will become dangerous opponents for players. And one of these mobs is the boss. At the same time, animals can be bred with the help of fish.

Steve will also have to meet with many other whales that live in reservoirs. One of them is the biggest creatures of the game.