Wife Mod for Minecraft PE

Wife Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Wife Mod for Minecraft PE: get a family, make new friends, kiss, flirt, and chat with girls!

What does Wife Mod add to MCPE?

Many people want to add elements of real life to Minecraft PE. This mod will introduce players to girls, any of whom can become not only a friend, but also Steve’s wife.

Animal Girls

This mod fill the virtual world with new inhabitants in the form of girls with elements of various animals. Minecraft PE players can even marry them. There is a wedding ring for marriage. Steve should hold a ring in one hand and come close to a future wife. Besides, there is a recipe for crafting this item.

There will be wolves, foxes, cows, and even zombies among the girls. The developers have not forgotten about Nether, where the piglin girl will spawn. Each mob has its own characteristics. For example, becoming a wife, a zombie will attack aggressive monsters near Steve.

By the way, the mod also adds dragon wings. This item serve as a decoration.

Family Life

This unique mod adds many new NPCs that will naturally spawn in the Minecraft PE world. Players can talk to them, get married and have a real wife in the virtual world. For players who are lonely, this addon helps to make the gameplay more realistic.

How does it work?

To start chatting with a future wife, click the button that appears after pointing the scope at the NPC.

The mod user can tell a story to a girl. The mob will show romantic interest or friendship with a random chance. It is possible for Minecraft PE players to flirt, make a gift, shake hands, and give a kiss to a girl.

Relationship status

The wife mod has different options. Depending on the status of the relationship, interactions with girls will change. It can be romantic: it increases due to flirting and can continue with wedding.

There is also friendship status in Minecraft PE: it increases when talking.