Wild West Mod for Minecraft PE

Wild West Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Wild West Mod for Minecraft PE: fight against bandits, use dynamite to blow up mines, meet dangerous animals, and explore the territory!

What does Wild West Mod add to MCPE?

Mods help Minecraft PE players to travel, being transported to different corners of the planet and observing amazing creatures. Those who dreamed of visiting the Wild West are given such an opportunity. Besides, there are additional items to get more resources.


The mod changes one of the biomes of the game. Elements of the Wild West will appear in Minecraft PE, making the world even more interesting. Players can invite friends to arrange role-playing games.

For the addon to work, users must start the game in experiment mode, which is activated in the settings.


The main characters of the Wild West mod will be bandits. These are aggressive mobs that attack other inhabitants of Minecraft PE. They look like characters in a themed movie: they have hats on their heads and cowboy boots on their feet.

Flora and fauna

In addition to bandits, the mod adds animals and plants to the Minecraft PE world. Players can meet rattlesnakes on the way, so they should be careful.

There will also be new inhabitants in the sky – vultures. These are birds of prey that usually spawn in flocks. They are waiting for the right moment to attack, so players should be careful with them. Tumbleweed is a plant that any person associates with the Wild West.

In creative mode, MCPE players can decorate the world with these plants.


The Minecraft PE user always lacks resources, and then they go in search of valuable blocks in the mines. The developers of Wild West mod decided to simplify the process of searching for valuables and introduced an additional item – dynamite.

It can be used to blow up mines and extract ore in the right quantities.