Wood Mod for Minecraft PE

Wood Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Wood Mod for Minecraft PE: get more armor options, build from beautiful blocks with unusual texture, and much more!

What does Wood Mod add to MCPE?

Many prefer to use wood for their buildings. Also, this material is popular in Minecraft PE, including for creating objects. Players have access to many types of these resources, but the developers decided to add more options. The mod allows users to get many nice blocks for buildings and crafting. For fans of interesting armor, the developers have also created something interesting – new types of clothing items to protect the character.

To get all the materials, mod users need to select experimental settings in the game menu.

Wood Plus

Those who love wooden objects in the game will love this simple mod. It will add only two new elements, but significantly diversify the player’s armor. Two new variants made of oak will change the appearance of the character and allow Minecraft PE players to effectively defend against enemies.

Players can find all the material options in the inventory, but for this they need to play in creative mode.

Modern Wood Blocks

For those who are going to build a modern house in Minecraft PE, this mod is suitable. The developer decided that the game lacks unusual wood textures similar to parquet and laminate. All this will appear in the world after downloading the addon. Usually such blocks look a bit old-fashioned, and many have long wanted to get new options.

Resources are easy to take in inventory if the player uses the creative mode.

Ten options of blocks that can become the basis for a durable and beautiful home. The mod author used different shades that players can combine as they please.

Minecraft PE users can get wood blocks to build walls, stairs, as well as to decorate their homes and the game territory.