Worm Mod for Minecraft PE

Worm Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Worm Mod for Minecraft PE: meet giant monsters that live underground and attack all game creatures!

What does Worm Mod add to MCPE?

There are many dangerous mobs in the game world, but users can add even more monsters. The worm mod makes even experienced Minecraft PE players afraid.

Sand Worm

Minecraft PE players can meet one of the most dangerous mobs thanks to this mod. It is a famous monster: many people have seen it in games and movies.

The worm has a long body. Its health is 900,000, and its damage 1000. If this creature has chosen a victim, it is useless to run away from it. The mob can hide underground and unexpectedly attack its opponents.

In creative mode, the inventory contains a spawn egg to create a worm.

Sculk Worm

With this mod, Minecraft PE players will get acquainted with another monster. The sculk worm is smaller than the desert mob but no less dangerous.


The mob from this mod is blind, and users can trick it during the battle. For example, throw a snowball or an egg to the side. Minecraft PE players should know that the worm can disguise itself by burying itself in the ground.

The creature becomes invisible among sculk blocks. The monster usually lives in caves and dungeons. When the mob finds a victim, it makes a loud sound. By the way, the mob does not know how to climb rocks: players can hide from it on a high stone.

The worm is easy to see in a dark cave because it glows.


This mod will help to complicate the survival of Minecraft PE players: they can be attacked by a giant worm coming out of the ground at any moment. Players can invite their friends to the game and arrange a survival competition.

These monsters react to vibrations, so users can escape from them if they sit down and do not move. Creatures have 100 health and 10-15 damage in MCPE.

By the way, the bite of the monster causes the effect of poisoning.