Xenocraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Xenocraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Xenocraft Mod for Minecraft PE: meet dangerous aliens in your game world and fight them!

What does Xenocraft Mod add to MCPE?

The basis for the Xenocraft mod was the plots of well-known films about alien monsters. Fans of this theme can settle familiar characters in their Minecraft PE world.

It is worth putting on strong armor in advance. There will be not only terrible monsters but also powerful bosses.


This Xenocraft mod remains one of the favorites in the game community. Players can settle monsters directly in Minecraft PE by installing this addon. These creatures will outwardly be as close as possible to the original.


An alien monster in Minecraft PE will become a threat to any creature of the game world. This monster can kill his victim.
This Xenocraft mod will settle xenomorphs in different biomes: they will spawn themselves. There is a 50% chance that the mob will drop the Shulker shell or bones after its death.

Some of the inhabitants of MCPE will still be able to fight back against someone else. For example, an Iron Golem can defeat a monster.


This alien has become the theme of another Xenocraft mod. In Minecraft PE, the same creepy creature will appear, dangerous for all living things. Players can also count on getting his claws and disguises.

The predator will not appear naturally: there is a summoning egg in the MCPE inventory to create it. The mob’s health will be 400 units, and the impact damage will be eight. Players should look at the hitbox above its head to know how much strength the creature has left.


To all fans of this theme, the Xenocraft mod developers allow arranging an invasion of alien monsters in Minecraft PE. In this case, mobs will be of different sizes and danger levels.

The most powerful creature will be the boss — Alien Queen.