Zombie Horror Escape Map for Minecraft PE

Zombie Horror Escape Map for Minecraft PE

Download Zombie Horror Escape Map for Minecraft PE: find a way out of the most intricate mazes, solve puzzles, and learn how to survive in dark rooms!

What does Zombie Horror Escape Map add to MCPE?

Those who love adventure maps with dangers will love zombie horror escape. This game involves searching for items that help to find a way out. Also, the Minecraft PE character will wander through the mazes and solve puzzles, some of which are very difficult.

It is worth considering that the best option for this location is adventure mode.

Therefore, the developer initially set it by default. However, players can change the settings themselves before playing.

Zombie Dungeon

Players are offered a map where they become participants in an exciting mini game. All this takes place in a gloomy dungeon where monsters live. To make a zombie horror escape, Minecraft PE users will have to solve a couple of puzzles.

There are many labyrinths made of stone on the territory. The lack of light complicates the task for players.

There are some sections of the dungeon where parkour skills will be useful to users. The most difficult thing is that sometimes monsters will appear on the way, ready to attack at any moment.

Zombie Horror Escape

The plot of this map says that the player was kidnapped by a monster and taken to his house. The user of Minecraft PE will have to make a zombie horror escape, but there are only five days for this.

The screen shows information about the current day at each stage of the adventure.

How to play?

Minecraft PE players will have to wander through the dark labyrinths of an abandoned house, where levers and objects are hidden to open the exit. Zombie horror escape map has a time limit, so users will have to make decisions quickly, and at the same time fight off monsters.

The user has some effects, being on the territory of the house.