Black Hole Mod for Minecraft PE

Black Hole Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Black Hole Mod for Minecraft PE: use additional items to make the game world look like fantastic movie, and much more!

What Black Hole Mod can add to MCPE?

Many players like to study the phenomena of nature in the game world. Black holes are very interesting for many people. They can blow planets and much more. The developer decided to create a mod that can create these mysterious phenomena in Minecraft PE.

Voids Black Hole

This mod adds eight black holes and even one white. Black has different sizes, and players can choose the right one. The developer has created a simple but rather expensive crafting recipe that allows players to create new items. Users will need one Nether star that should be placed in the left corner of the table, and eight iron blocks.

Besides, Minecraft PE players can also destroy all the holes. It can be done by hand or with a piston. Mobs or explosions will not destroy the hole.

Additional items

To get unique particles and antiparticles, the player needs to place the hole down. Nearby he needs to detonate dynamite. At the site of the explosion, he will find one green particle and one pink antiparticle. If a Minecraft PE player presses a particle on a Black Hole, it will grow. Pressing the antiparticle on it will cause its decreasing.

By the way, if the size becomes too small, the black mysterious space will simply disappear. The developer wanted to show in this way how black holes die in reality: this is due to Hawking radiation.

Fans of the Big Bang Theory and various physical phenomena will appreciate the mod.

Black and White Holes

With this mod, Minecraft PE players will receive different equipment and various items. By the way, users will be able to automate some processes, for example, an automatic mob farm, a mine and much more. For the addon to work, all experimental options must be activated.

The Black Hole mod users can try on unique armor with a cosmic texture and get weapons in new colors.