Fire and Ice Mod for Minecraft PE

Fire and Ice Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Fire and Ice Mod for Minecraft PE: fight monsters, get new items and turn into your favorite character using simple commands!

What does Fire and Ice Mod add to MCPE?

For those who love the Undervirus theme and want to see the heroes from this story in Minecraft PE, the developers have created this cool addon. Fire and Ice mod allows users to get acquainted with Sans and other mobs, fight new enemies and even turn into a monster in the game world.


The Fire and Ice mod users can meet a terrible character named Xans in Minecraft PE. The monster not only looks scary, but also has unique skills. For example, this character can disappear and teleport to another place. This complicates the fight with him.

The creation of the hero takes place with the help of a spawn egg, which will appear in the inventory.

Ice and Fire Sans

This Fire and Ice mod will add two new spawn eggs at once to create characters. Sans is able to shoot a fire blaster, so the fight with it will not be easy. Minecraft PE players better arm themselves well and use all their survival skills.


This time, the developers decided not just to create a popular hero from the Fire and Ice universe in the world of Minecraft PE. Players can transform into Xans and possess his skills.

For example, a user can be invisible to enemies.

With this mod, users will become virtually invincible, because they will have the power to lift mobs into the air. The levitation effect extends to all creatures of the game. This effect lasts for several seconds. After the opponent falls down, he takes fatal damage. Another way to destroy all the enemies is to use a laser beam that kills everything around.

By the way, the Minecraft PE player himself will also be able to fly and even teleport.

To get an item that gives new abilities, the Fire and Ice mod user needs to enter the command /function xansitem.